October 16: Born Judge

October 16 Born Judge

House: Libra 22°-24°

Constellation: Libra III, the standard air element

Judgment is the main axis of life for those born on October 16. Whether it’s business or personal, they always seem to be able to discern the importance of things quickly and get to the point.

Moreover, it is rare that people born today have very few prejudices or prejudices, and if things are not in line with their moral values, they do not ignore it or completely unacceptable; on the contrary, they are also quite open to All kinds of new ideas can be accepted or discussed. Their judgments about things around them are mainly based on objective assessments, so they can often assess the true value of a person or thing.

Although they highly respect the ancient teachings, they are also imaginative enough to accept any “impossible” test. This interesting combination of reason and imagination is their unique orthographic signature. For example, although they have the ability to see through the whole event at a glance, when they want to get to the truth, they are very good at using metaphors, analogies and allegories.

Most people born today will try to be consistent in their words and deeds, and they will never show mercy to those who say one thing and do another. Generally speaking, they are always logical and straightforward when dealing with official business.

However, their performance in private is not so rational! Not only do they behave strangely, they may also behave and react in a wayward manner. For the standards set by others, they are only willing to meet the standards just right, and they will not automatically strive for perfection. From this point of view, they may be a difficult and unpredictable partner.

They often support and criticize the social system in which they live. Once they make a point of criticism, although they show an attitude of ignorance and appreciation, in fact, they would rather point the blame at their company, home or living environment, rather than just attacking a specific person. When they were asked about their judgment or decision, if the conclusion was negative, they tended to say it softly. Although they may be willing to express their opinions publicly, they are not necessarily very interested; in fact, when they are thinking about something, they hate being interrupted or interfered, so when they make a decision, they prefer to hide in a corner or Stay away from the workplace.

However, they must also learn not to get excited easily, and to avoid becoming emotional, or sticking up with needles in defense, or becoming timid. In a word, their sharp-edged talents should not only be used to deal with external people and things, but they should also be opposed to take a look at themselves occasionally.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on October 16 will be influenced by the number 7 (1+6=7) and Neptune. Neptune symbolizes dreams, fantasies, and piety, and when Libra’s Venusian qualities combine with Neptune, it adds a touch of otherworldly charm to those born today. The “scale” representing Libra also means balance and judgment after careful consideration.


People born today must stay away from potentially addictive things, such as alcohol, which can harm the nervous system and liver. Besides, workaholics like them should really learn to enjoy life more and take regular vacations. Fortunately, they are quite “urgent-conscious”, so advice such as a balanced diet, regular bedtime and exercise is easy to accept. If they do believe in some form of fitness, such as cardio, self-defense, yoga, or diet therapy, their perseverance will be impressive.


Test yourself more. Pick out what works and throw it away. Set boundaries for yourself, respect the way others do things, and don’t take the big picture and deprive others of their needs.


Eugene O’Neill is an American writer, author of “Desire Under the Elm”, “Long Night and Long Road”, etc. He has won four Pulitzer Prizes and is the first American drama to win the Nobel Prize for Literature writer.

Zhu Zongqing, the representative of the Taiwan Percussion Orchestra.

Noah Webster, an American lexicographer, famous for his book “Principles of English Grammar” in 1738, and later for his compilation of “The Great Dictionary of American English”.

David Ben-Gurion, the Prime Minister of Israel, participated in the Zionist movement in his early years and was later expelled by the Turks. He founded the Jewish Legion in the United States, and came to power after the founding of Israel in 1948.

American movie star Tim Robbins (Tim Robbins) is known for his intellectual style, and his representative works include “Silver, Sex, Men and Women”, “Money Empire”, “Stimulus 1995” and so on.

Angela Lansbury, an American stage, film, and television actress, starred in the TV series “Detective Goddess”.


The 16th card of the Great Mystery Tarot is “The Tower”, in which the king falls from the tower struck by lightning, and the tower builder is killed by a blow to the head. Towers not only symbolize the temporality of reality, but also the fluidity of relationships and occupations; these changes are often sudden and rapid. When the card is upright, this card expresses the ability to accept setbacks and overcome challenges bravely; when the card is upside down, it represents complacent, self-inflicted and indulged in illusory imagination.

Inspirational quote

Trust people with knowledge, not with words.


Discerning, practical and fair.


Excitable, protective, difficult to get along with.

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