October 18: Born leader

October 18 Born leader

House: Libra 24 degrees – 26 degrees

Constellation: Libra three, the standard air element

People born on October 18 are destined to play a major role in the “life drama”. They are not only excellent actors, but also competent directors in their families or social circles. They are extremely ambitious, always trying to do it without cowardice; rare is that they are willing to keep a low profile if the situation requires it.

But even so, it is still difficult for them to become the most typical leaders, because their interests are too broad! For example, they will always slip out of their positions early so they can focus on other, more interesting jobs. When they are promoted to supervisors, they often look forward to an early “redemption” of freedom and a return to their original field of interest. If they do go, the partners will miss their integrity, honesty, and impeccable integrity.

People born today, even if they are not so capable, may still be able to gain fame or fortune by virtue of their ability, social skills or luck, but it is not comfortable to sit in such a high position. When Jiang and the others were trying to cope with many important tasks, the accompanying pressure would make them face collapse, so in the end they had to decide to automatically “de-escalate” or risk being fencing under pressure.

Although they can be leaders, they shouldn’t force it, nor insist on it. After all, their work and hobbies are their favorites. If they are asked to put their own affairs in second place, they will not be happy at all.

They like to play with other people, however, because they are not so sociable, they sometimes have difficulty getting along. They like to participate in the activities of relatives and friends, and if they are ignored and left alone, they will lose their temper. However, people born today are capable of introspection no matter how flashy they may be; and since they despise those who are self-pity, they will never show their emotions even if they are hurt. In such a situation, their most common way of venting is to return to their personal work and interests, instead of hanging around like a Cinderella who can’t go to the ball. This way of self-comfort is admirable, but don’t take things too seriously and cut off the communication channel with relatives and friends.

It is best for them to connect, talk to, and display a moderate amount of humility, lest others misunderstand them as unattainable and omnipotent. Of course, there is no need to be too involved. After all, noble character and majesty are still their most precious essence.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on October 18 will be influenced by the number 9 (1+8=9) and Mars. The number 9 has a strong effect on other numbers (any number added to 9 will produce the original number, e.g. 5+9=14, 4+1=5; and any number multiplied by 9 will also produce 9 again, e.g. 9*5=45 , 4 + 5 = 9), likewise, people born today will strongly influence those around them, however, this intense Martian energy is somewhat offset by the calming temperament of Venus (the ruling planet of Libra). The conjunction of Venus and Mars. It brings them attractive and sexy qualities, but unfortunately, when they encounter setbacks, they can cause harm to themselves and those involved.


People born today must avoid being overwhelmed by too many responsibilities, or collapsed by stress. When their physical strength is reaching the limit, they should learn to refuse; at the same time, they should first think about what they can control? What can’t you control yourself? In this way, you can clearly understand where your limits are. Normal sleep and eating habits go a long way in stabilizing their mood. During meals, special attention should be paid to nutritional balance, and various grains and fresh vegetables should not be neglected. Irritant substances, such as caffeine and nicotine, should be controlled as much as possible; drugs or alcohol that can cause sequelae such as paralysis, depression, and shock should be avoided. They should also take the time to settle down, as fitness routines like massage, yoga, and physiotherapy can eliminate pain (especially in the middle and lower back) and can also go a long way toward relaxation.


Learn to say “no”! Not just to others, but also to yourself. Remember: results are only part of life, and if the circumstances allow, indulge yourself once in a while and enjoy the “uncertainty”.


Martina Navratilova is a Czech-American tennis player who has won nine Wimbledon, four U.S. Opens, three Australian Opens, and two French Open backseats.

French writer and playwright Pierre de Laclos, represented as Dangerous Affair.

Greek stage and film actress Melina Mercouri, former Minister of Culture.

Chuck Berry, a pioneer of American rock and roll, is also a famous singer-songwriter, guitarist, home and saxophone player, and is internationally known.

Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, whose main achievements during his tenure in office were the establishment of the official language after winning the Quebec secession crisis, and the adoption of the Canadian constitution.

French writer and philosopher Henri Bergson, author of “On the Direct Materials of Consciousness” and “Creative Evolution”, won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1927, and is one of the most influential thinkers in the 20th century.


The 18th card of the Great Mystery Tarot is “Moon”, which mainly represents the world of dreams, emotions and subconsciousness. The image of the moon is traditionally the embodiment of female power and emotion. Therefore, the meaning of standing upright is sensitivity, understanding and empathy. The handstand is emotionally submissive, passive, and lacking in ego.

Inspirational quote

At any time, you may receive unexpected requests.


Inspirational, imaginative and forward-looking.


Nervous, indifferent, anxious.

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