October 19: The radiant

October 19 The radiant

House: Libra 25 degrees – 27 degrees

Constellation: Libra Scorpio, the standard air element

People born on October 19 are independent, energetic, and straight. However, despite their dynamism, they are also dogmatic old-timers. Not only do their ER natures make them keen to compete, but they also create a whirlwind of conflict wherever they go.

Uncovering hidden truths is a lifelong endeavor for those born on this day, and as such, they loathe hidden motives, manipulative manipulation, and the wordless. Perhaps what drives them behind their seditious nature is this desire to keep things in the sun, or rather, to let the light of truth shine on things that interest them.

Some people born on this day are afraid that their secrets will be “pulled out”, so they keep protecting themselves tightly, and even become nervous in order to avoid the public’s scrutiny. However, just as people with acrophobia can finally climb to the highest peak, they also train themselves to slowly disarm their defenses, and when they can express themselves gracefully, it is their moment of victory. In this regard, they overcome shyness or introversion far more than the average person.

Another route to their success is “dormancy”. Retreat to practice your skills first, then come back with a brighter stance. The danger of this approach, however, is that when they retire, they are very likely to stagnate, or so accustomed to a life of indolence that they will never be able to come back.

People born today are interesting friends and loyal family members. But if you force this group of guys who don’t like being restrained to settle down, it’s likely to anger them. They can be very critical of those close to them, and because their opinions carry so much weight, sometimes their cold words do more harm than they think.

People born today must work hard to disarm their defenses, while also avoiding a strong desire to control their loved ones, for example, be sure to be the other person’s “best friend”, not just a “good friend.” When they are willing to take a back seat, or play the role of facilitator, or even willing to do so, it means that they have taken a big step in spiritual growth.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on October 19 will be influenced by the number 1 (1+9+10, 1+0=1) and the sun. This is the first day of the Libra-Scorpio conjunctive zone. People born in this zone are strongly influenced by both Venus (the ruler of Libra) and Pluto (the ruler of Scorpio), so they have a strong tendency to want to control others. At the same time, in their daily life, active vitality is inevitable. The number 1 brings ambition. Not only do they dislike being restricted, they have to be the first in everything.


Those born on this day must guard against being scarred by combat. Aggressive personalities will not only make them enemies everywhere, but also endanger physical and mental health. They’re actually very easily hurt, and an ugly look or a ruthless remark can turn them off. Because they are easily irritated, they often overreact to the things around them, and even develop allergic problems.


You have to strike a balance between wanting independence and needing company. Don’t be wishful thinking that others will always forgive you.


Auguste Lumiere, a French chemist who co-invented the film camera and projector with North Louis, was a pioneer of film experiments.

Hong Kong actor Ye Feng, who became popular in the 1960s with films such as “Star, Moon, Sun”, is an international superstar.

British novelist John Le Carre (John Le Carre), who mainly creates spy novels, is the author of “Spy from the Cold”.

Russian pianist Emil Gilels is an excellent interpreter of Prokomov sonatas and other classical wounds.

Jamaican rock singer Peter Tosh is also a composer.

Evander Hoilrield is the American heavyweight world champion.


The 19th “Sun” of the Great Arcane Tarot is the best of all cards. It symbolizes knowledge, vitality and luck, as well as being worthy of respect and reward. When the card is upright, this card represents qualities such as clarity, interpersonal harmony, and a good reputation; when the card is upside down, it represents qualities such as pride, conceit, and hypocrisy.

Inspirational quote

Silence is golden, please let your actions prove everything.


Persistent, independent and lively.


Aggressive, restless, and possessive.

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