October 3: Fashionable believers

October 3 Fashionable believers

House: Libra 9 degrees – 11 degrees

Constellation: Libra II, the standard air element

People born on October 3 always like to stretch out their tentacles to constantly detect the latest trends. They don’t just follow trends, they’re good at creating them, at least in their social circles. They adore fashionable clothes, homes, cars, and ideas, and are on the cutting edge in every way; however, they also have traditional concepts, and once they take root, they lay the foundation for success there.

They are broad-minded, informal, interested in everything and often experts in several fields. They are high-spirited, high-spirited, and easy to get carried away. Although they can accept many different experiences, the likes and dislikes are still quite strong.

People born today are very serious about their careers and always try their best to be the best they can be. If they have special talents or are in charge, they can become objects of admiration or imitation. However, the strong urge to work hard like this may completely drain their energy.

They are quite aware of their role in a particular moment in society, and their behavior is always in the tone of a showman, and it is almost crazy, so what makes them most ecstatic is to become the focus of the spotlight. Although they can be alone for a long time, it is very difficult to be ignored by others. They still need to return to the public from time to time to attract the attention of the public.

They often feel compelled to supervise the progress of their family members or work partners, whether it is routine or trivial chores, they can’t sit still and have to intervene. People born on October 3 are extremely proud of their taste, so anyone who criticises them for lack of taste must take it as an insult.

People born today have introverted and extroverted personalities at the same time, a peculiar combination. They can often see through the changes in other people’s hearts, but are reluctant to let others understand them, and most of them only like to spend time with a small group of people earnestly, and are only willing to share the bits and pieces of life with three or two acquaintances. Aside from the fact that they don’t spend much time with their family or their children, these people are fairly conscientious parents.

They must be careful not to be superficial and snobbish, otherwise they will not only set a bad example for the younger generation, but also be detrimental to their own relationships. Some people born today are often commanded to climb up on other people’s shoulders, or “watermelon kuma big side” snob.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on October 3 will be influenced by the number 3 and Jupiter. People affected by the number 3 can often climb to the top of their circle and pride themselves on their independence. The combination of Jupiter and Libra’s characteristic Venus energies will give those born today an optimistic, developmental social outlook.


For those born today, no matter the age, they may suffer from the “after-effects of feasting” or “after-effects of eating out”. They often indulge in alcohol, coffee and cigarettes under the guise of “entertainment”. In this regard, try to moderate as much as possible, or quit altogether. People born today often rush meals, make quick decisions, or squeeze into fast-paced lifestyles like sandwich cookies, when in fact, they just need to slow down, eat slowly, chew slowly, and exercise regularly , you can achieve good health.


While you are busy racing against the times, do not neglect your spiritual development. Find the principles of life and focus on personal development. Don’t be tempted to deviate from the track, because what looks shiny is not necessarily priceless gold.


Eleonora Duse is an Italian stage actress who is a modern stage innovator and often plays leading roles in plays written by her boyfriend D’Annunzio.

American playwright, art critic, essayist, and novelist Gore Vidal, author of the satirical play Myra Breckenridge, and the historical trilogy Burr, 1876, and Lincoln.

French playwright Louis Aragon, who shocked the literary world with his debut novel “Nightcrawler”, is known as the most outstanding writer of the Surrealist school, and was the editor-in-chief of the Communist Party’s weekly “Le French Literature”.

Chubby Checker, the American rock singer, started the twist and dance wave.

American minimalist composer Steve Reich (Steve Reich), a pioneer in the creation of electronic music, composes heavily influenced by Asian and African music.

Emily Post, an expert on American etiquette who established a set of standards for so-called “American style” with the “Blue Book of Social Norms”, is also a novelist.


The third card of the Great Ritual Tarot is “Queen”, a symbol of creative ingenuity. She is the perfect woman, the mother who gave birth to the earth, and the embodiment of our dreams and aspirations. When the card is upright, this card represents charm, grace, and unreserved love; when the card is upside down, it means conceit, hypocrisy, and intolerance of flaws.

Inspirational quote

Is the purpose of clothing to hide or expose one’s personal details?


Aware of current affairs, fashion, enthusiasm.


Troubled, pretentious, and quite present.

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