October 30: Life Supervisor

October 30 Life Supervisor

House: Scorpio 6°-8°

Constellation: Scorpio One, the changing fire sign

Those born on October 30, when entrusted with important responsibilities, usually exert their leadership qualities and become excellent leaders. People born on this day are very versatile and often use their abilities in one particular area to move on to another completely unrelated area. In addition to their own professional knowledge, they also have the ability to devote themselves to projects, careers, and inspire others to learn or motivate. Incredibly, many people born on this day travel across the ocean to work, or to start another new life – in fact, their birthdays have a double meaning.

The image of crossing the ocean is actually a relevant metaphor for those born on October 30. Because they have to navigate three key periods of their lives: their late teens, late twenties, and early forties. And at the junctures of each period, they all had to prepare for the great challenge of sailing into uncharted waters. If they decide to stay put and escape the challenge, they will find themselves living in frustration and frustration, with only unfulfilled dreams accompanying them. However, if they are determined to take the risk, they may also be confronted with difficulties and movement turbulence that will never stop. Others may see it as an act of courage, but for those born on October 30, they actually have no choice but to follow their dreams.

Those born on October 30 often take on the role of drafting plans, but they do their best to keep up with the pace and way of working of others. That is to say, they possess both management and public opinion talents. Therefore, they can be not only wise chiefs, but also brave Indian warriors; they are both seasoned cooks and capable assistants. They are very conscientious about their part in the work, so no matter what happens, whether the plan is theirs or someone else’s, they will not interrupt the plan casually. On the other hand, people born on this day are quite good at effectively consolidating their positions of authority, but this does not mean that they have not attracted resentment and rebellion at home, in social circles or at work, but even when they do, they do Will find a way to quell the outrage and convince everyone to get back to work again.

People born on October 30 will not hold an attitude of rejection when new opportunities come, but will miss opportunities for promotion or broaden their horizons because they are too focused on the things that need to be dealt with at the moment. They will perform better if they are willing to provide themselves with a vast space to think and re-examine their lives from another perspective with the necessary objectivity. Because people born on this day often start with a larger plan, and the idea of ​​wanting to put down their burdens as soon as possible will keep popping up in their minds. Those born on October 30 should not only devote their energies to the goal of real-world success, but also take into account their own needs and desires. They must be careful not to sacrifice their spiritual development for a social group or an ideology. And don’t forget: giving yourself time to grow is just as important.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on October 30 will be influenced by the number 3 (3+0=3) and Jupiter. Many people influenced by the number 3 have a tendency to be ambitious, even dictatorial, but this trait does not seem to be 100% accurate in those born on October 30 who are used to pursuing economic and material results in a moderate way. Nonetheless, their impulsive personalities for the show are still more pronounced without the influence of Pluto (the ruler of Scorpio). The number 3 is accompanied by an independent personality, which can sometimes be a problem for them, who have always had a strong sense of group responsibility.


Those born on October 30 often overlook themselves because of concern for the health of their families, employees and colleagues. They should learn to apply their perseverance skills to taking care of their own health. Developing regular eating and sleeping habits is a good start. It is especially important for their health to eat a balanced diet, which is supplemented with a lot of vegetables and grains, not only for nutritional considerations, but also for the normal function of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, it must be noted that you must drink enough water every day, at least about 1900 ml. The intake of coffee and black tea should also be limited, and the drinking of herbal tea is quite appropriate. Since babies born on this day tend to show a special aptitude for participating in competitive group activities, more intense sports seem to be a good fit for them.


Don’t give up the whole forest for one tree; learn to look far away. Remember to spend more time and energy on yourself. Be open to taking other people’s opinions and suggestions.


Mei Lanfang, a famous Chinese Peking Opera actress, founded the Mei School and has countless descendants.

Sarah Bernhardt (Sarah Bernhardt) is a French drama actress and director, known as the “Goddess Sarah”. With her beautiful appearance, excellent acting skills and voice, she has become a famous stage actor in history, and is also known as the most contemporary stage actor. great actor.

American jazz pioneer Dizzie Gillespie, also a trumpeter, composer, and bandleader, collaborated with saxophonist Parker to create a music called “bebop”, which is an anti-swing style. , blending harmony into dissonance, and adopting a variety of rhythms.

Hungarian composer Franz Listzt is also a master of piano performance. He is famous for his superb skills and gorgeous style of piano performance. After retirement, he became an important representative of piano teachers. , “Hungarian Rhapsody” and so on.

Russian-American Alexander Schneider is also a member of the “Budapest Quartet” and conductor of the Marco Polo Festival Orchestra.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


The 22nd card of the Great Arcane Tarot is “The Fool”. The pattern is of a man standing happily on the edge of a cliff. Some explanations are that he is very stupid and lacks the ability to make rational judgments; others point out that he is extremely spiritual and does not care about reality. In a nutshell, it is acting on intuition, without the ability to refuse and resist; at the same time, Min represents stupidity, impulsiveness and nothingness. However, the more mature among them will learn from the experience of life and become their ideal person.

Inspirational quote

Magic and divination carry hidden dangers that have nothing to do with true spirituality.


Charming, charming, exciting.


Split, imbalance, dominance.

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