October 5: Defender of the Axioms

October 5 Defender of the Axioms

House: Libra 11°-13°

Constellation: Libra II, the standard air element

People born on October 5 see justice as the foundation of life. They defend the truth neutrally and against injustice, do everything in their power to expose any injustice, corruption or oppression, and then confront it. That’s not enough. They will also lobby everyone they know to work together to improve these unfair situations. They often start their own businesses or climb to the top of society with the same determination.

By the same token, they will also strive for fair treatment and never allow their dignity to be compromised. However, because they always talk about “fairness”, people sometimes mistake them for public and private use, so as to benefit themselves. It’s not entirely impossible, but, in all fairness, they usually prioritize fairness first and personal needs second. In order to achieve a just goal, they may even move steadily and deny themselves and give up what they love in order to achieve their own ideals or the happiness of others. However, they are better off refraining from these behaviors, as sooner or later their personal desires or needs will manifest, and at that point, they may instead have to leave their jobs, or discharge their responsibilities entirely, leaving their peers who have already relied on them to fall into the trap of It’s in hot water.

People born today know how to have fun. Their healthiest outlet is to satisfy themselves by leading a crowd or serving a team. For them, the greatest joy is to see the gratitude on the faces of those who benefit from them, and you might even say that they are very dependent on that achievement. Therefore, even though they seem to be strong and independent on the surface, they are actually eager to be appreciated by others! They have little interest in things that have nothing to do with people, for the simple reason that only “people” pay attention to their appearance and job performance.

Although they love participation and group activities, they rarely cooperate with the environment. They often stay in positions that don’t fit, as if they’re wearing the wrong uniform. However, because of their strong social instincts, they will readjust their public image once they become famous.

People born today must be careful not to inflate themselves and become self-righteous, so as to finally replace the original ideals and goals in the Latin words or judgments of others, especially when the character has not yet been written, and it is best not to be too arbitrary . Therefore, they must not only further define their own principles of life, but also develop a more constructive outlook on life according to their own wishes.

Lucky Numbers and Guardians

Those born on October 5 will be influenced by the number 5 and Mercury, the symbol of quick thinking and rapid change. Because Venus rules Libra, the conjunction of Mercury and Venus not only brings charm and social connection to people born today, but also makes them snobby and speculative. Under the influence of Mercury, people born on this day change their environment almost regularly. The number 5 enables a person to recover quickly from any blow or trap, and for those born today, this may mean finding new friends or new relationships even if they are rejected.


Those born on October 5 are likely to neglect their own health, so regular health checks are absolutely necessary. They are always fighting for themselves in pursuit of justice. This attitude of living for others will of course affect their physical health, and in the long run, because their personal needs are suppressed, it will also cause psychological internal injuries! In addition, care must be taken not to develop the habit of smoking, thirsty alcohol and coffee in order to gain social approval, and if it causes health problems, it is best to quit completely. Sports methods are preferably team sports and walking.


Don’t go it alone! Remember to always listen to others and ask for spiritual advice. Small tasks in daily life at any time, if you are just too ambitious, you may be mistaken for small things.


Waclaw Havel, the Czech president, first served as a set manager in the theater, and later engaged in the creation of plays. He is the author of “The Garden Event”, “The Conspirator” and “The Temptation”. In 1989, he was elected president by direct elections by the people.

Kang Yuheng, a Korean singer who went to Taiwan to develop, is famous for his melancholy love songs, and his masterpieces “Look Back Again” and “The Heart of the Station”.

French philosopher Denis Diderot, one of the most active leading figures in the 18th century Enlightenment movement, compiled an encyclopedia.

Geldof (Bob Geldof) British rock musician and actor, enthusiastic public welfare activities, released the album “Do They Know Christmas Is Coming?” ” and held a “Life Rescue” charity concert to raise funds to relieve the hungry in Africa.

The British novelist, Horace Walpole, wrote many popular novels, such as “The Secret City”, “The Cathedral” and “Herris Chronicle”, and left many valuable collections of letters.

T.P.O’Connor, the Irish representative in the British Parliament.


The fifth card of the Great Secret Tarot is “The Pope”, who is the interpreter of sacred and mysterious things, symbolizing human cognition and belief. The knowledge of the Pope is full of mysteries, and even abstract things are governed by it. When the card is upright, this card expresses confidence, no doubts, and a correct understanding of things; when the card is upside down, it is preachy, high-pitched, and assertive.

Inspirational quote

God knows what you did! The harsh rewards of God may not be satisfactory, but one day it will be worth the fare.


Fair, loving life, gregarious.


Focused, easily distracted, anxious.

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