September 10: Seek personal goals

September 10 Seek personal goals

House position: Virgo 16°-18°

Constellation: Virgo II, changing earth sign

Tradition and roots are kind to people born on September 10th. They will adapt themselves to the tradition in a significant and practical way, and cultivate their personal aspirations in it. They are the group of people who can lead a happy and balanced life most. No matter what they do, they can always perform very well, but they don’t pay too much attention. This is their style of behavior. Although they have a high sense of dedication, they rarely neglect their family because of their busyness at work. In fact, achieving stability between work and family is the main prerequisite for them to do anything.

If people born on September 10 can find a goal when they are adolescents, and they are full of enthusiasm and go all out in adulthood, they will be very lucky. Generally speaking, people born today will drift with the crowd on the ocean of life, and it will not be until later that they can choose a career, find a partner, and form a family together according to their personality, needs and desires. Although they are very pragmatic people, they will not demean themselves. What appears to the world is a very calm and steady person. In fact, they do have these characteristics, which can bring their partners the greatest sense of peace and security.

People born on September 10 have a very private inner life and uncontrollable enthusiasm. They are not the kind of people who count every step of the way. On the contrary, they are intermittently involved in the surrounding affairs. In order to keep themselves feeling energetic, they need external stimulation from time to time, so they are often attracted to unusual and interesting people. Although people born on this day are conservative in nature, they like to approach some strange friends. These people actually reflect their inner desires. Although people born today will occasionally try to live a more unusual life, once they really try to do so, they will be under considerable pressure in their hearts.

For people born on September 10, dealing with stress is not a very easy task. When they are assigned to take over a job that has been criticized before, they will feel very anxious. In addition, they usually hope that their partner is a more unusual person, who can attract everyone’s attention, so that they can safely hide behind their partner and achieve their goals together. However, sooner or later they will realize that they must pay attention to their lives, not only to encourage their independence, but also to find out their true self, because this is their most real and most important subject.

People born today must not let themselves become stagnant, and must seek more areas where they can grow and develop. If they can find happiness in their inner life, they will be better able to deal with some disturbances around them. For people born on September 10th, worldly success is not the ultimate answer-what they are looking for is usually something more elusive and difficult to understand.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on September 10 will be affected by the number 1 (1 + 0 = 1) and the sun. People who are affected by the number 1 usually want to be the top people in the industry, and the sun will bring good self-development and warmth, and adopt a clear humanity and a positive attitude towards life. Since Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo, people born on September 10 will have more rapid communication and mental activities. People affected by the number 1 become very stubborn, critical and suspicious about almost everything.


Generally, people born on September 10 pay attention to their health, but they also conceal their anxiety and illness. The problems they usually appear are related to tension or psychological nature, or have strong psychological roots. However, as long as these people who were born today can lead a regular life, even under pressure, their health will be quite good. However, as long as life becomes messy or work is not going well, the various problems that were previously hidden may immediately surface overnight. It may be difficult for people born on this day to maintain regular exercise habits, but at least they must try hard. In addition, you should also spend some time designing three nutritionally balanced meals, and pay attention to whether sleep well becomes more stable as a result.


Pay attention to your needs and wishes. Follow your own pace and develop your most potential talents. Don’t criticize others or yourself with too strict standards, expand your horizons, and allow more possibilities in the future.


The Peruvian singer of Yma Sumac, from Mambo music to opera, is in the range of his singing voice, and is a very rare musical prodigy.

Taiwanese singer Ouyang Feifei, known for her enthusiasm and unrestrained image, is her masterpiece “The Passionate Desert”. After the 1970s, she became a popular singer in Japan with the song “Midosuji in the Rain”.

The Prime Minister of Northern Ireland Terence O’Neill, who held this post for 30 years.

Franz Werfel (Franz Werfel) Austrian poet, playwright and novelist. His works include the epic “40 Days of Mousada” and “The Song of Bernadette” (The Song of Bernadette). The latter has also been remade into Movie.

American paleontologist and writer Stephen Jay Gould, author of “The Panda’s Thumb”.

Roger Maris, a powerful hitter for the New York Yankees baseball team, broke the single-season home run record set by Babe Ruth with 61 home runs.


The tenth card of the Great Mystery Tarot is [Wheel of Fortune], which symbolizes the reversal of fortune. Except for change itself, there is no real constant truth in the world. This card shows a tendency to like gambling, and it will make life fluctuate. In fact, success or failure in life is closely tied to the wheel of fortune; therefore, success or failure in life will not be permanently fixed.

Inspirational quote

Consciousness is the only powerful tool that people can understand their own talents.


Capable, pragmatic and reliable.


Frustration, anxiety, easily agitated.

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