September 11: Make dramatic choices

September 11: Make dramatic choices

House position: Virgo 17th-19th degree

Constellation: Virgo 3rd, changing earth sign

People born on September 11 are often forced to face some major and dramatic choices in their lives. When they were very young, even before they were 16 years old, these major choices might have been in front of them. And when their work or private life seems to be going well, or when they have gained a firm foothold, they may suddenly encounter unexpected and repeated crossroads. To the extent permitted by society, making the choice to have communication may become the greatest right of an individual. People born on September 11 will never ignore this fact, and they also know clearly how to make choices through their own. Let it produce the greatest power.

No one can deny that people born today really like to shock others. They are quite proud of their adventurous spirit and can get a great sense of accomplishment by narrating their great achievements afterwards. No matter in thought or actual action, as long as it is boring, middle-class or common secular things, they will be excluded. They desperately need a sense of stability that can only be obtained in a warm and caring family, so the self they want to become in their imagination (extreme freedom), and the self they often express (extreme conservative), both There is a very violent conflict.

From the latter point of view, people born on September 11 may become extremely ethical and like to comment on others. However, it is paradoxical that on the one hand, they support free love, and on the other hand, they attach great importance to their partners. He is absolutely faithful, and regards the two as not conflicting with each other. In addition, they are also happy to show off their appearance in front of the public, but at other times they still maintain their images of gentlemen and ladies. Sexual liberation can be said to be a very important theme in their lives.

In terms of political implications, people born on this day will think that liberation refers to not only women and vulnerable groups, but also all oppressed nations. They despise the scolding tone of the people in charge or the authority with power, and dislike all gestures of pretending to be caring and sympathetic. More importantly, they hate snobbery. To them, human emotions should be very sacred and should never be played or exploited. In addition, they are also quite good at influencing other people’s emotions, and therefore they are easily commanded to be good at manipulating others. Of course, they know very well how to get what they want by unscrupulous means. Generally speaking, their mode of action is to use their wit to present the case to be explained in a direct, relevant and logical way. This approach has almost become Their registered trademark. People born on September 11th are likely to be outstanding managers, very talented in organization, and can let subordinates or partners working with them clearly understand their job requirements in a few sentences.

People born on this day love children very much and can be very good parents. However, they must avoid inconsistent attitudes: sometimes too critical and strict; sometimes too tolerant and lax. Failure to take into account the feelings of others is their worst aspect, and more importantly, they must control their ups and downs.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on September 11 are affected by the number 2 (1+1=2) and the moon. Since people affected by the number 2 often become good colleagues and partners, rather than independent leaders, this trait can emphasize the discipline and conservative side of people born on September 11; and because of the moon and Mercury (virgin The rendezvous influence of the ruling planet of the constellation makes people born on September 11 more imaginative and witty. However, the moon will bring people a strong tendency to introspect and passivity; while the number 11 makes people focus on the sensory side and strengthens the focus and secularity of the Virgo’s mind.


People born on September 11 are particularly prone to eating and digestion problems. Some people have spent a lot of time looking for the best recipes and three-meal menus to avoid gastrointestinal discomfort. They are very particular about their diets, but they often try their best to finish what they like to eat. In this regard, they must be particularly restrained in their intake of sugar and alcohol. From a psychological point of view, people born on September 11 need to feel nourished and express various forms of love. This has an extremely important impact on their psychological well-being and comfort. For them, exercise does not seem to be an important part of health, and a lifestyle that is too inclined to sit still will greatly endanger their health.


Don’t take yourself and your beliefs too seriously. To learn to be more tolerant, try to understand other people’s motives and ways of doing things. It is not necessary to maintain a sense of mystery. Try to develop your talents and don’t be afraid of failure.


D.H. Lawrence (D.H. Lawrence) British poet and novelist, author of “Son and Lover” and the controversial “Mrs. Chatterley’s Lover”, which caused a surge of protests at the time and was listed as a banned book by the authorities.

American short story writer O. Henry (O.Henry). His works endow popular short stories with literary value, and have influenced some less advanced writers in the United States and other regions.

American film director DePalma (Brian DePalma), famous works include “Scarface” and “Scarface” and won the Best Director Award at the Berlin Film Festival.

Jessica Mitford (Jessica Mitford) British social protest writer, famous for his description of highly controversial social and political issues, and author of Kind and Unusual Punishments.

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos, the first president of the Philippines to announce his re-election, and the first executive head exiled abroad, died in exile.

The Estonian composer Arvo Part uses serialism, collage and minimalism. His works include “For and Against” and “The Brothers”.


The eleventh picture of the Great Mystery Tarot is [Justice]. There was a serene woman sitting in front of her, holding a scale in one hand and a sword in the other. She reminded us to follow the laws of the entire universe, as long as we stick to the right way, life can maintain balance and harmony. When the card is upright, this card represents integrity, fairness, honesty and discipline; when the card is upright, it is negative, alienated, fear of innovation and dissatisfaction.

Inspraition quote

Laugh until you laugh and have abdominal pain again; cry, cry until you laugh.


Free spirit, guardian, eye-catching.


It’s easy to feel boring, like manipulation, and judgmental.

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