September 13: Passionate Watcher

September 13 Passionate Watcher

House: Virgo 19°-21°

Constellation: Virgo III, changing earth sign

Those born on September 13th will put all their energy into the work at hand. God has given them amazing concentration and flexible judgment. In the pursuit of success, they may encounter many obstacles, but they never doubt their ultimate goal. Indeed, many people born on this day are quite determined and believe that they have the magical power to overcome any difficulties. They are not superstitious, and they don’t want to find reasons for what they do, they always go forward and don’t talk nonsense. Moreover, under many special circumstances, people born on September 13 can handle two [impossible tasks] that ordinary people think, which is simply amazing.

Although people on September 13 are very stubborn and will strongly adhere to certain ideas or propositions, once they find that they are wrong, they will quickly correct them. Their enthusiasm and self-dedication can often win the respect of others, even opponents have to respect them. When they reach a certain point in their lives, they will drastically change the current established direction and work towards another brand-new world in one fell swoop, and then they will stick to the increase without regrets until there is a miserable or happy ending. Generally speaking, people born on September 13 are determined, and once they make up their minds, they will not be easily shaken-although sometimes, they may do so as a stopgap measure, rather than causing undue destruction.

Among family members and colleagues, people born on September 13 are likely to be quite authoritarian and unreasonable. Generally speaking, they value their careers or work groups based on family or friends, but this does not mean that they are irresponsible (on the contrary, they all have a strong sense of responsibility), mainly because they feel that their family and friends are doing well. At least he has no worries in life, so I think I have no worries and I can rush forward wholeheartedly.

People born on September 13 should pay attention to some of their unrelenting qualities. Although, this does not mean that they have bad intentions or unscrupulously want to compete with others. Xing only means that they are actively involved in their work for plans, visions, or promises, and will not compromise due to conscience, or leave halfway. retreat.

Although people born today have strong willpower and concentration, they have extremely strong biological needs in the senses and want to share life with their partners or parents. Regardless of the shortcomings, people born on September 13 hope that their partners or parents can fully accept them. They can also treat others with this attitude, but they are likely to be separated, divorced (or divorced) in dedication to others. After the death of their spouse), although people born on September 13 (especially women) will be vigorously energetic again, but they will still share everything at work with their original partner.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on September 13 will be affected by the number 4 (1 + 3 = 4) and Uranus. Uranus will bring turbulence and temperament. Because people born on September 13 are often involved in some far-reaching activities-no matter in reality, they must be logically Mercury (the ruling planet of Virgo) The essence is to control the characteristics of Uranus. Uranus also brings changes and out-of-the-ordinary behaviors, which also explains why people born on September 13 have extreme behavior patterns. Although many people think the number 13 is unlucky, in fact, it is a very powerful number. People born on September 13 must use their influence wisely and risk self-destruction if they are uncertain.


Usually, people born on September 13 have vigorous energy, energy and good health. They directly burn out the unnecessary or unusable things in their minds and bodies. But even a body beaten by iron will have a day of illness. Therefore, people born on this day must be especially careful about chronic diseases caused by stress, such as diabetes and cancer. People born today are advised to keep their diet and life as refreshing and simple as possible, relax their spirits, increase or decrease some health hobbies, and even do exercises with friends and family. Otherwise, the candlelight of life will soon be exhausted in the whole-hearted work.


Be more concerned about the people around you and be sensitive to their needs. Don’t ignore your mental self, control your negative emotions, and don’t let it contend with your nature to choose a difficult path. You can make limited concessions, but don’t compromise on the ultimate goal.


Clara Schumann (Clara Schumann) German pianist and composer, the wife of musician Schumann. Works include orchestral music, chamber music, songs and many piano solo style sketches.

Austrian musician Arnold Schonberg (Arnold Schonberg), atonal music composer, inventor of the 12-phone system, is also a cellist, painter and music theorist.

American film, stage and television actress Claudette Colbert (Claudette Colbert), Zaos has played the role of a slut and is known for playing the protagonist of “Cleopatra”.

Bela Karolyi (Bela Karolyi) Romanian-American gymnastics coach, is also the coach of gymnastics named Nadia Comeneci (Nadia Comeneci).

Anglo-American jazz critic Leonard Feather is also a music producer, manager, pianist, lyricist, columnist, radio DJ and writer, and author of The Encyclopedia of Jazz.

British short story writer Roald Dahl (Roald Dahl), author of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.


The most misunderstood of the Yitarot cards is the 13th card, which is [Reaper]. We rarely interpret it according to the meaning of calligraphy and painting. Its positive meaning is to put aside the past, transcend limitations and continue to grow. Therefore, this card hopes that people will avoid mourning, pessimism or sadness.

Inspirational quote

Running is a rhythmic flight, accompanied by feet treading on the ground.


Enthusiasm, dedication, and perseverance.


Deviant, stubborn, ruthless, and slow.

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