September 14: Criticism

September 14: Criticism

House: Virgo 20°-22°

Constellation: Virgo III, changing earth sign

People born on September 14 are like social reformers. They care about the society they live in. They are also guardians and critics of the country and the times. Knowledge is very important to them, and it is even more necessary to participate in important projects to improve the human condition. It is their mission to let people know the truth of the matter and serve them for this purpose.

People born on this day attach great importance to visual orientation and can use some simple and easy-to-understand terms to describe what they see. They hold the belief that [the biggest space in the world is the space to improve the world], so when they evaluate others, they don’t feel embarrassed to make specific suggestions, for example, on which aspects can be done Better or some areas need to be improved, added, etc. Sometimes, they even show a training attitude towards people who hold different views, or simply refuse to interact with them.

As a member of the family, people born on September 14 are usually loyal and responsible. On the contrary, they have strict requirements for all kinds of affairs in daily life. For them, concrete performance is everything, and all empty talk cannot effectively solve the actual needs in life. Based on this view, they insist that people living together must play an active role, and they will not sacrifice themselves by silently taking everything on their own. Therefore, when they see something that should be done right away, but the speed of others has not kept up, they become very impatient

For people born on September 14th, efficiency is very important. Chaos and sloppy will make them crazy. If this happens unfortunately, they will quickly clean up the messy place and draw the picture on the side. The frame is straightened, the chair cushion is collapsed…In short, they will return everything to the original place in the shortest time. If they neglect the surrounding affairs because they are too busy for a while, they will deal with it immediately afterwards. The most important characteristics of people born on September 14 are clear timetables, complete plans, and punctuality.

People born on September 14th seem to have their opinions on everything. Usually in serious discussions, they will wisely limit their female language to their professional field. Because of this, they look down on people who are superficial and slick, especially those who pretend to know more than they actually know. When getting along with this kind of person, people born on September 14 will behave a little short. In fact, sometimes these habitual animals can create problems for themselves and others because of their intellectual aggressiveness.

From a more substantial point of view, people born on September 14 are habitual animals. They stick to the habits of daily life. They like comfort very much. They love resistance, sex and sleep. This is because they need to use strong material desires. Balance intellectual orientation. People born on this day can often maintain a long-term stable mood at work, which is very important for them to complete far-reaching plans.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on September 14 will be affected by the number 5 (1 + 4 = 5) and Mercury. Mercury represents careful thinking and quick response. These characteristics will be more obvious in people born on September 14, because the ruling planet of Virgo is also Mercury. People born today should pay special attention to whether they are too intellectually demanding. At the same time, they expect others to change topics and directions very quickly, just like themselves. In addition, no matter what kind of blows and temptations they encounter on the journey of life, they will always recover quickly.


People born on September 14 care about their health. As long as they can get some fun and physical and mental comfort, they will prepare three meals for themselves, and engage in some healthy activities, including intense exercise and massage. Here, it is particularly recommended that they engage in team sports, or one-on-one competitive activities, such as tennis and pelota. For people who are more mentally inclined, adequate sleep is very important, and sex or various sensory needs cannot be ignored. Being able to express and accept the love of others will greatly help maintain mental balance. In addition, it is recommended that they may wish to cook or engage in the catering industry, because they may become a leader in this field.


Sometimes it’s good to keep your opinion in mind, because it may not always be understood or welcomed. Learn to be a behind-the-scenes worker. When you urge others, please be careful, and don’t complain about it. Let things happen naturally at the best time! Even smart people cannot have intellectual arbitrariness.


Margaret Sanger, a New York nurse who was a pioneer in female birth control, established the first contraceptive clinic.

Japanese child star Anda Yumi became popular with the TV series “The Homeless Child”.

Italian architect and designer Ettore Sotsass is a founding member of [Memphis Group].

In the 18th and 19th centuries, German naturalist philosopher Alexander Baron von Humboldt was an explorer and ecologist in South America. Not only innovated the concepts of physical geography and meteorology, but also contributed significantly to the study of atmospheric phenomena.

Kate Millett, an American feminist and writer, is regarded as the leader of theoretical research on the women’s liberation movement and the author of the book Sexual Politics.

The Austrian composer Michael Haydn and the great musician Joseph Haydn were his students. His C minor “Requiem” was played at his brother’s funeral.


The 14th card of the Great Mystery Tarot is [temperance]. On the card is a guardian angel who can protect us and stabilize us. When the cards face upright, it means that temperance is just right to adjust our enthusiasm, not to go too far, and to help us gain new knowledge and integrate into our daily lives. However, when the card is upside down, it means frivolousness and excessive pursuit of fashion.

Inspirational quote

When Odypas was blind, he lost his sight, but gained the ability to see everything. Lost to the East, income of Sangyu.


Observing, capable, and efficient.


Picky, hard to get along with, and lack patience.

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