September 15: Skilled professionals

September 15: Skilled professionals

House position: Virgo 21°-23°

Constellation: Virgo III, changing earth sign

People born on September 15th will work hard to find a foothold in the world, no matter whether this point is small or big, they will actively develop its potential and maximize this potential. They have an unusual ability to make themselves proficient in a certain field, while at the same time mastering the overall direction and a complete blueprint. Regardless of whether you are playing the role of a professional, an artist, a parent or a blue-collar class, people born on this day will always naturally pursue the mastery of mastery in the work they are engaged in. There is no pressure or oppression at all. In fact, the so-called [proficient] here refers to the dexterity and flexibility in control, rather than the traditional impression of impenetrable perfectionism of Virgo.

People born on September 15 before the age of 30 give people the impression that they are shy and unsocial, but after this period, their unknown ambitions will appear. For this moment, they can wait for many years, they will patiently cultivate their strength, sharpen their talents, collect relevant information in various aspects, or devote themselves to research and development, even if these preparations take several years, they will Do not hesitate.

The passionate personality allows people born today to enjoy the joy of life to the fullest. Mystery is also one of their characteristics. Sometimes they will hide certain things from their relatives, friends, and even their spouse; but in other cases, they will share with them intimately without feeling embarrassed at all. . Usually, they keep secrets in order to maintain their image. For example, when they are internally traumatized, they tend to take it silently, and they don’t want their interpersonal relationships to be affected as a result.

Most people born on September 15 have a clear and strong desire to make big money. In fact, wealth itself is not their first goal. The fame, status, and other characteristics that accompany wealth, as well as the success it represents, are what they really want. People born today don’t hesitate to get rewards for their hard work, or income for everything they deserve. A complete life, respected social status. As well as the ability to be developed everywhere, they occupy one of the best positions in their lives.

It is clear that all kinds of materialism can move the hearts of people born on September 15th. Among these people are highly evolved people who can combine material and spirit very well through a simple, sexual, and benevolent manner, and can clearly realize whether what they have is enough. But this is a minority after all. Therefore, if people born today want to lead a coordinated and meaningful life, it is best to unarm, cultivate idealistic humanistic ideas, and open their minds to accept the influence from the spiritual level. People born on September 15th, if they are unable to grow in this area, they will indulge in the sensory pleasures between luxury, comfort and bed. Those who are more principled will retain their work achievements and seek Ways to gain self-practice.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on September 15 will be affected by the number 6 (1 + 5 = 6) and Venus. People affected by the number 6 have the charisma of a leader, and even inspire people to develop a personal adoration of them. In addition, since Venus will bring love and harmony for beauty, people born on September 15 will feel frustrated and overwhelmed when things are not done very well and properly. The interaction between Mercury (the ruling planet of Virgo) and Venus will make people have good taste and aesthetics, but at the same time it is also very likely to make people become snobs or elites.


Because the appetite for life is so big, people born on September 15 must pay special attention to weight issues. As body weight increases, organs such as the heart, blood vessels, digestive system, pancreas, and gallbladder are exposed to more unwelcome pressure. In addition, the intake of fat and sugar should be controlled to avoid health disorders; excessive addiction to alcohol and drugs should also be stopped immediately. Generally speaking, people born on September 15 should control their excessive desire to pursue sensory stimulation and devote their energy to rigorous exercises, including aerobic exercise, jogging, and other competitive sports.


Stick to the original principle of ethics first, otherwise you will become a leaf drifting with the flow. Waiting patiently, there must be a day when all suffering will come. Refusing to compromise with others for money. To control the sensual desire, don’t let it overwhelm the master, and instead control yourself.


Agatha Christie (Agatha Christie) is an American murder suspense writer. Her works include “Mousetrap” and so on. She has successfully created the two roles of Bai Luo and Miss Mapo.

Singaporean singer Chen Kit-yee has attracted wide attention for her co-starring with Jacky Cheung in the musical “Snow Wolf Lake”.

US President William Howard Taft, a former justice of the court, successfully resolved the monopoly of gasoline and cigarettes and established the Department of Labor.

British stage play also film actress Lockwood (Margaret Lockwood).

In the 19th century, Mexican President and dictator Porfirio Diaz (Porfirio Diaz).

Jean Renoir (Jean Renoir) is a French master film director. His works include “The Great Phantom” and “The Rules of the Game”.


The 15th card of the Great Secret Ceremony Tarot is [Demon]. Due to the strong sexual attraction, irrationality and passion, this card presents intersecting fear and desire. The devil makes use of people’s needs for security and money, through the contradictions of human nature, to make people his slaves. The positive side of this card represents the charm of the senses and the expression of enthusiasm, but it also reminds us that even if we are physically restrained, we can still fly freely mentally.

Inspirational quote

Have the courage to fight for what you want most.


Open-minded and self-motivated.


Materialism, too ambitious.

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