September 16: Extreme Challenger

September 16 Extreme Challenger

House: Virgo 22-24 degrees

Constellation: Virgo III, changing earth sign

People born on September 16th often show a personality that does not admit defeat, always strategizes themselves all the time to win, and does not easily bow to failure or the limit. They hope to surpass the status quo and break through themselves, but while sprinting, they also have enough patience to hone their professional skills and reach the point of proficiency, without letting them be egoist or radical pursuit of fame and wealth. By. On the other hand, people born on September 16 will always naturally express high emotions. This is also the motivation for them to express themselves strongly. However, they must pay attention not to overstep the due norms. Once such When the situation occurs, it must be stopped immediately, at least to respect the wishes of others.

People born on this day are never afraid to stand at the forefront. They have incomparable courage and firm conviction. However, because they rarely back down when fighting strong short stories, they often disagree with the authority or principal in the group. Not only that, they are also natural adventurers, but be careful not to succumb to the temptation of pure [seek thrills for excitement]. In some ways, they still have to control their rebellious personality.

Wanting to restrict the behavior of people born on September 16 is simply delusional, because they are always energetic and difficult to control themselves. Parents who want to discipline children born today, or want to prevent them from doing something, not only have little chance of success, they may even become self-defeating. Therefore, when wise parents teach children born on September 16, they should follow their natural motivation and direct their energy to artistic creation. In addition, parents should also be careful to distinguish between command and suggestion, coercion and guidance, instruction and allowance, lesson and suggestion, and other attitudes.

Enthusiasm and vitality are the characteristics of people born on this day. They obviously show a competitive nature. However, their inherent integrity and fairness make them disdain to take trading practices or adopt unscrupulous attitudes for ends. Because they are not good at cooperating with others, people born on September 16 must learn how to be part of a team. Usually experience will tell them the benefits of doing so, and then they can truly develop the style and temperament of a leader. Because people born today are very confident in their own knowledge and eager to teach others, they may become outstanding teachers, but they must pay more attention to students and have a more acute sense of students.

Being led by dreams and fantasies is a big problem for some people born on September 16; but most people born on this day can achieve their wishes with concrete results; because they have a strong desire to think Rationalize what you have done, and hope that your work will be respected and appreciated by others.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on September 16 will be affected by the number 7 (1 + 6 = 7) and Neptune. Neptune is a planet full of dreams and fantasies, and people affected by the number 7 sometimes fall into dreams that cannot help themselves, often out of touch with reality. Because they tend to imagine all kinds of plans, if they can be rigorously trained and let them understand the feasibility of their plans, the chances of achieving their dreams will be greater. People affected by the number 7 are sometimes not cautious in financial management and often stretch the family’s financial well-being. Therefore, having a good accountant or person in charge of the household is very important for those born on September 16th. of.


People born on September 16 must be very careful to prevent accidents, especially sports injuries, car accidents, and unfortunate incidents when climbing, swimming and flying. It is very important to understand your limits. Due to natural magnanimity, maintaining psychological, emotional, and spiritual coordination is particularly important for people born today. This balance should also be reflected in the preparation of the three daily meals, whether it is cereals, vegetables, fruits, meat and dairy products, there must be a certain proportion of intake. All foods should be tested to see if they contain too much meat or sugar. People born on this day have strong sexual desires, but it is best to satisfy this desire without indulgence.


Learn to direct your vigorous energy in the right direction. Keep your eyes on the target and try to explain to people who don’t know yourself. Don’t be too long or too far away from real life, and often get in touch with the more mundane aspects of daily life.


B.B.King (B.B.King), an American blues guitarist, singer, and lyricist, recorded a film in 1949, which was a big seller in the rhythm and blues music market and was deeply loved by fans.

King Henry V of England (Henry V) defeated the French at Agincourt, and Shakespeare’s plays described him as an unworthy figure.

Hungarian-American Nobel Prize winner Albert Szent-Gyorgyi is a biochemist who has devoted his life to the research of vitamin C.

French composition teacher Nadia Boulanger (Nadia Boulanger) is also a composer and conductor.

Dennis Conner (Dennis Conner) US Yacht Race player, three-time US Team Champions Cup captain.

American film actress Lauren Bacall (Lauren Bacall), the wife and business partner of the famous actor Humphrey Bogart.


The 16th card of the Great Mystery Tarot is [High Tower]. On the screen, the king fell from the high tower struck by lightning, and the tower builder was hit with a punch in the head. The tower not only symbolizes the temporality of real things, but also represents the variability of interpersonal relationships and occupations; and these changes are often sudden and rapid. When the card is standing upright, it means that you can accept setbacks and bravely overcome challenges; when the card is upside down, you are self-conscious, self-conscious, and indulged in unrealistic imaginations.

Inspirational quote

The evil dragon does not always have to be slaughtered; sometimes, it can also become a friendly friend.


High-spirited, courageous, and honest.


Sensory, rebellious, and destructive.

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