September 17: Indomitable Person

September 17 Indomitable Person

House position: Virgo 23-25 ​​degrees

Constellation: Virgo III, changing earth sign

Whether creative or not, people born on September 17 are always known for their indomitable spirit, even if it takes several years (they seem to like this way too). Not only do they have the ability to build their own careers and prestige, but one day they will be able to become famous and climb to the highest position. People born today often appear serious, not easy to get along with, and even difficult to manage. Once they set a goal, no matter how lofty or inferior, they will work hard to accomplish it, and will never give up halfway. They are not only enthusiastic, but also serious and keep their promises.

For people born on September 17, encountering setbacks and overcoming setbacks are commonplace. They will not use lightning and high pressure to force their opponents to submit, but rather slowly put relentless pressure on their opponents to defeat them. In the face of great pressure, they can perform well without being too nervous, and they will not lack self-confidence when faced with critical junctures. Therefore, in the most painful or difficult time, people can trust everything that the people of September 17 did.

Although they are very creative, most people born on September 17 are difficult and stubborn. They are thinkers of left-brain logic. They think based on the logical concept of sequential cause and effect. The reasoning is that if A is true, then B must also be true. People born on this day have a strong sense of justice and hope that disputes can be judged fairly. They not only want to be treated fairly, but also treat others fairly. Therefore, it is not surprising that people born on this day can be extremely good lawyers or arbitrators.

Although people born on September 17 will also engage in gradual reforms to make the existing situation better, but, generally speaking, they are more comfortable with the status quo. Even the most radical person will find a place to settle down in the existing organization in the end. Perhaps this is because they prefer organized and direct expression, rather than chaos or anarchy. People born today often stand on the side of conservative commentators and value the continuation and preservation of existing things and folk traditions.

Despite being conservatives, people born on September 17 still have a strong sense of humor. This quality makes them different from others, and they also accomplish the most ordinary tasks in the most unusual way. They are usually not as serious as they appear on the outside, and if they are in a more relaxed state, they will still make people think they are very interesting. It’s a pity that they don’t let this side of themselves show up easily, so for the colleagues around, they may never have a chance to get to know this side of them.

People born on September 17th are the most highly self-controlled people. They rarely use ingenious methods to deepen the impression of others or to attract the attention of others. Similarly, they don’t need other people’s flattery or care, because it will make them hurt by the fickleness and willfulness of human nature. For them, emotion is a very serious matter, and cannot be easily expressed like a hat, so when they say [I love you], they are quite serious.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on September 17 are affected by the number 8 (1+7=8) and Saturn. Saturn brings a strong sense of limitation and restraint, as well as a tendency to judge things; the number 8 implies the conflict between the material and the spiritual world, and people affected by this number may have a tendency to be lonely and excessively indulgent. . The combined influence of Saturn and Mercury (the ruling planet of Virgo) will highlight the serious side of those born on September 17.


Regardless of whether people born on September 17 are engaged in static or dynamic work, they must participate in some more intense exercises because they have the advantage of being overweight. Reducing the intake of fat and protein is of great help to their health, and it can also avoid some cardiovascular diseases. After their sexual needs are met, those born on September 17 will have the best job performance, but this kind of sex must be based on a long-term relationship with a lover or partner. In addition, it is best to avoid some physical or emotional conflicts as much as possible.


Commenting on others may be the worst habit of people born today; try to be easy-going and take some time to have some fun; sometimes become silly and there is nothing to be afraid of. Get out of the existing model and open your heart to let others in.


Hank Williams, the legendary American country music singer and lyricist, is best known for singing his own work “Icy Heart”.

Japanese novelist Sono Ayako, his masterpiece “Freezing Point”. British choreographer, reformer, and dancer, Frederick Ashton, whose romantic works have become important dramas for many ballet companies.

American film actress Bancroft (Ann Bancroft), has twice won the Tony Award and the New York Critics Award, and has won the Academy Award for Best Actress.

Brenda (George Blanda) National Football League and American Football League quarterback, the most outstanding football player of all time, football career as long as 26 seasons.  

American tennis star Maureen Connolly (Maureen Connolly), the first female player to win a Grand Slam, and has won three Wimbledon and one Armored Car Open championship.

American novelist Ken Kesey, author of “Flying over the Cuckoo’s Nest”.


The seventeenth card of the Great Mystery Tarot card is “Stars”. On the screen is a naked girl who is pouring fresh pool water on the coke-dried land under the starry sky, while using another ladle to conserve the dead water. Tax su. She represents the glory of life in the world, but also represents the enslavement of material and sense organs. Therefore, the stars in the sky always remind her: don’t forget that there is a higher level of spiritual world.

Inspiraitonal quote

The hand is the map, the heart is the guide.


Persevere to the end, unyielding and not flinching.


Be conservative, persistent, and heavy.

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