September 18: Full of mystery

September 18: Full of mystery

House position: Virgo 24 degrees-26 degrees

Constellation: Virgo three, changing earth signs

People born on September 18th attach great importance to privacy and often give people a [mysterious] feeling, but for some reason, they are always engaged in work that is closely related to the masses. They have a very secret personal world, which makes it not easy for outsiders to enter; in addition, they may depend on others, but they will not depend on them forever. Because of their decisiveness and unexpected behavior, they are likely to win and close the door of friendship and love. Therefore, unless the people with whom they associate are mentally prepared and know that they will change their minds at any time, it will be very dangerous to associate with them.

People born on this day are capable of achieving fame and success, but they are also likely to be entangled by repeated failures and bad luck. In their lives, beauty is the biggest theme. In addition, they are extremely sensitive to various forms of disputes, violence and fierce competition. For these disputes, they only hope that they can hide as far as possible. In fact, people born on September 18 are not good at handling excessive stress. Although they have a conspicuous and attractive appearance, God does not necessarily endow them with the same level of self-confidence.

However, when people born on September 18 face complex problems, they can cope very well. This is because they like to sort things out. I also hope to understand the truth of the matter, so that they can explore the secrets of their hearts alone. Thinking, thoughtfulness and deepness are their characteristics. Therefore, their attitude towards life is very serious, even too serious.

Whether it’s the process of personal growth, artistic expression, or an interaction of social relationships, most people born on September 18 have a special relationship with a certain kind of belief or worship. Because of their dedicated nature, they are very suitable for research work and lead a life that is undisturbed and selfless. But living in this kind of solitary and independent life for a long time may cause emotional out-of-control problems, but on the other hand, it may also bring them a sense of mystery, which will make them even more fascinating. And curiosity. People who want to associate with them must be clear about when they can approach them and when they must leave them. To build a lasting relationship with someone born on September 18th, the chance of success depends on whether you can keenly grasp this wonderful, unencumbered opportunity to get along.

People born on September 18th often have the opportunity to travel far, whether physical or spiritual. They are also less willing to be in the past. Generally speaking, they will allow everything in the past to disappear with the wind, and will not reopen a topic that has ended or a failed relationship.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on September 18 will be affected by the number 9 (1+8=9) and Mars. When the influence of Mars and Mercury (the ruling planet of Virgo) unite, they will give people agile mind, but not very much. The communicative skills can even be said to be clumsy. People born on September 18 must control their tempers and refrain from unreasonably rejecting others. If they can manage this emotional impulse and make good use of the positive qualities of Mars and Mercury, they can achieve good results. The number 9 will make people born on this day have a strong ability to survive.


People born on September 18 are prone to chronic diseases, sometimes caused by a serious accident or surgery. Their more vulnerable areas include the abdominal cavity, reproductive organs, kidneys and adrenal glands. When people born on September 18th have health problems, they will quickly adapt to this situation and become quite restrained and unwilling. It is best for them to go in a more active and social way. Fight the disease, not just passively accept and cooperate. The desire for food and sex should not be a stress relief or vent test. Whether it is abstinence or indulgence, it is not good to live or not. People born on September 18 will be especially self-destructive when the body and mind are disordered. Therefore, it is recommended that they may get some help from acupuncture, spine mass compression therapy and yoga when they encounter this situation.


Learn to be more persevering, sometimes conflict is inevitable. Try to understand what your body is saying to you, and don’t ignore the symptoms that your body produces. Mysterious qualities sometimes block the bright sunshine outside, so be cheerful.


Greta Garbo (Greta Garbo) Swedish-American film star and idol, she lived in seclusion in New York after she became famous, “I don’t want to be disturbed”. She is famous for her love of wide-brimmed hats and is known as the “mystery girl”. She starred in the movie “La Traviata” with Robert Taylor.

American film and television amphibious actor Blake (Robert Blake), works “Barretta” (Barretta).

Agnes DeMille, an American dancer and Broadway assembly dancer, most of his choreography, whether it is ballet or Broadway opera, are based on stories circulated in the United States.

Nobel Laureate in Physics Edwin McMillan (Edwin McMillan) used a particle cyclotron to discover rare elements.

British photographer and film director Cardiff (Jack Cardiff), is characterized by beautiful composition and good style. His works include “Sons and Lovers” and won the Academy Award for Best Photography.

Canadian Prime Minister John Diefenbaker (John Diefenbaker), with his efforts, reduced the ruling Liberal government to a minority party and set a record of 13 times representing his hometown in Congress.


The 18th card of the Great Mystery Tarot is the “moon”, which mainly represents the world of dreams, emotions and subconsciousness. Traditionally, the image of the moon is the embodiment of female power and emotion. Therefore, when the card is upright, it represents sensitivity, understanding and empathy; the upside-down of the card represents emotional compliance, passivity, and lack of self.

Inspirational quote

Everything in the universe is alive.


Thoughtful, serious, and aesthetic.


Closed, troubled, negative.

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