September 19: People who value appearance

September 19 People who value appearance

House position: Virgo 25°-27°

Constellation: Virgo Libra, changing earth sign

People born on September 19 are very concerned about the appearance of things. They not only care about their appearance, but also the appearance of their home, environment and family. They always hope that everything is neat and beautiful. Bright. Regardless of their financial ability, they are always stubborn, even with compulsive personality traits. They like to organize the people around them into a smoothly functioning unit group.

Many forms of beauty can always attract people born on September 19th, especially the physical beauty. Their own clothing and grooming are always flawless, and if they look sloppy or uncut, they will consciously evaluate how this appearance will make others feel-just like “sloppy” is another dress. . Generally speaking, people born on September 19 cannot escape the frame of social values ​​in their clothing and taste. If they want to be eye-catching, they will dress themselves up a little bit differently, but No matter how different they dress from ordinary people, they are still on a scale acceptable to the public. The only constant is their awareness of taste.

People born on September 19 will be given superficial comments if they are not careful. This is because they are deeply mistaken for the beauty and ugliness of their appearance. In fact, some people born today also value inner and spiritual beauty, and most people born on this day will find themselves often in the middle of the two extremes and enjoy the worldly pleasures at their fingertips. The key to solving this problem is whether people who were born on this day allow themselves to enjoy the fleeting pleasures of life on the one hand, and on the other hand, they can quickly grasp the letter that is most meaningful to them. Things. If they can do this, they can enjoy the fun, style, taste, and material pleasure of exuding charm without losing themselves; on the contrary, if people born on September 19 can’t solve this core always If they do, they may become more and more dissatisfied with their lives as a result, and are no longer obsessed with the beauty that once attracted them. In order to pursue further self-development, people born on this day may give up their own possessiveness and self-image carefully designed by themselves.

When people born on September 19 are facing financial pressure or struggling for the daily life, they usually make up their minds to escape from this humble life and work hard to climb to the top of society in their own way. In the process, they also changed themselves. Indeed, a person born on this day may change from someone who is silent, withdrawn, or far away from the world, into a very successful, aggressive, and very confident social figure in just a few years. However, people born on September 19 must understand that when they do this, they will lose contact with their past, and even forget their family and friends that they once regarded as precious. Maintaining the connection with their roots is very important to their spiritual peace.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on September 19 will be affected by the number 1 (1 + 9 = 10, 1 + 0 = 1) and the sun. People affected by the number 1 are usually more ambitious and want to be top people. They have ambitions and don’t like being limited or controlled. Since September 19 is the first day of the rendezvous of Virgo and Libra, people born on this day will be affected by both Mercury (the ruling planet of Virgo) and Venus (the ruling planet of Libra). Therefore, it is inevitable In fact, they will have a strong urge to show their brightest side before the eyes of the world, and at the same time they will be given plenty of energy to create the most beautiful things.


People born on September 19 pay great attention to the cleansing of their skin, hair and body. If they want to make themselves the focus of attention, they must carefully choose non-irritating soaps or cosmetics, and preferably rich in The healthy oils and fats make the skin full of plump color. In addition, it is recommended that if they want to make nails, teeth and hair look healthier, they should take more lecithin, supplemental calcium, zinc and selenium, etc., and add them if necessary. On iron. Rich and balanced nutrition is also necessary, and the intake of fat and protein must be strictly limited and not excessive. To make themselves look more energetic, they must also have a good night’s sleep and try to avoid excessive stress.


Be honest with yourself and don’t forget your roots. Pay attention to your own obsession with various forms of material, seek spiritual goals, and always pay attention to them, don’t forget them. Cultivate loyalty and deep emotions.


Cardinal Armand Jean du Plessis de Richelieu (Cardinal Armand Jean du Plessis de Richelieu), a French clergyman and politician, fought a 30-year war with Spain under the rule of Louis XIII and successfully resisted the Spanish invasion. He also experienced many court conspiracies, but all survived unharmed.

“The Beatles” manager, Brian Epstein, led the “Super Four” Beatles into a new milestone, and died after taking an overdose of sleeping pills. He is the author of the autobiography “The Cellar Full of Noise.”

Italian ballerina Martinis (Alessandra Martines).

Twiggy (Twiggy) British model and actor, whose real name is Leslie Hornby, was the most popular clothing model in the second half of the 1960s.

British fable novelist William Golding (William Golding), famous works for “Lord of the Flies”, later works include “Passing Ceremony” and “Paper Man” that won the book award. Won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1983.

British female fashion designer Rhodes (Zandra Rhodes), exhibited the first fashion in 1969, is famous for its soft chiffon and silk designs, unique and exotic.


The 19th “Sun” of the Great Secret Tarot Card is the best of all cards. It symbolizes knowledge, vitality and luck, and also represents worthy of respect and reward. When the card is upright, the card has positive characteristics such as clarity, interpersonal harmony, and a beautiful reputation; when the card is upside down, it represents the reverse characteristics of pride, conceit, and hypocrisy.

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Dig deeper.


Tasteful, elegant and methodical.


Fickle, compulsive, materialistic

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