September 20: People who are good at management

September 20th People who are good at management

House: Virgo 26°-28°

Constellation: Virgo Libra, changing earth sign

Regardless of the circumstances, people born on September 20 can almost use their management talents. They are very concerned about the interests of their own groups and will do whatever it takes to ensure that the plans they are involved in can be acted harmoniously and implemented. For some women, this may mean that they may represent their centripetal force to the society or business group; in addition, from the perspective of men, it is a kind of support for their family members, who regard their family members as companions rather than companions. An object.

And in their long working life, people born today can also act as good consultants. Whether they are business acquaintances or ordinary friends, they can get the help they need. Both men and women who were born on this day understand the benefits of living within their means in personal financial management. Therefore, they will not only make good use of their talents to make money, but also be able to shop and invest carefully, especially when This is especially true when they beautify their homes. A decent and comfortable room is one of their most proud things.

When things go wrong, people born on September 20 are confident that they can remedy things or return to normal. For them, returning to normal covers a wide range. For example, it can range from the relief of previous quarrels to helping their loved ones recover their health. The methods they use range from prayer, traditional art to massage. People born on September 20th should be very careful not to let yourself be horny or misunderstand that your abilities are stronger than they actually are, because this not only brings danger, but also endangers the people around them.

People born on this day usually have correct judgments, but be careful to avoid overconfidence or blindly thinking that they are capable of handling any situation. The important thing is to be self-aware, to be able to detect the mistakes you have made, and the method or point of view to be corrected. If they can learn from their mistakes (often big mistakes) and start anew, they will certainly be able to gain and grow. On the contrary, those who cannot improve will inevitably encounter the same difficulties again and again. The biggest reason is their unconsciousness and even the correct judgment that they have always been proud of. Maybe one day, they will finally admit that they have lived a whole life in error, lost a lifetime.

People born on September 20th often cannot manage their feelings rationally, especially when it comes to love. When they are obsessed with someone, they will give everything out of their hearts and minds, and they don’t know how to pay carefully. In the end, sometimes it will inevitably bring regret and pain to each other, but as long as they have enough patience and know how to control, it is not difficult to get a response from the other party. The most suitable for them are those who have the same interests as them, even those who are in the same industry. It is not unusual for people born on September 20 to become a good business partner with their partner. They can work together and support together to pursue career, research or art success together.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on September 20 will be affected by the number 2 (2 + 0 = 2) and the moon. Usually the number 2 represents gentle, elegant, imaginative, and easy to be hurt by others’ neglect or criticism. People affected by the number 2 are sensitive and impulsive, but because people born on September 20 are Virgos, they sometimes overestimate their mental abilities. Virgo Libra will have a powerful influence on social and romantic aspects (because progressive Libra is dominated by Venus), therefore, excessive mental orientation is not a characteristic of those born on September 20.


Generally speaking, people born on September 20th not only pay attention to their physical condition, but also attach great importance to overall beauty. Therefore, they do not need others to remind them of the importance of exercise and healthy diet for maintaining good health and good appearance. However, they must remind themselves not to pay too much attention to external attraction or to take this as a goal. Sometimes, they even sacrifice their health for this goal, for example, indulging in novel dieting or energy supplement methods, and various Excessive exercise. People born on this day must be careful to prevent all chronic diseases, especially those caused by hormonal imbalance.


Learn from your mistakes and carefully explore your own ways of doing things, whether it works or not. If it is necessary to change direction, don’t hesitate. Take control of your emotions a bit, and learn to understand the benefits of patience.


Red Auerbach (Red Auerbach) coach, general manager and president of the Boston Celtics basketball team, the coach who has won the most games in the history of the NBA, led the Celtics to nine NBA championships.

Japanese idol singer Namie Amuro has become popular with his youthful stage performances, starring in the movie “The Greatest Cheating War in History”.

Australian-born medical pioneer Sister Elizabeth Kenny (Sister Elizabeth Kenny) took the lead in caring for polio patients.

Upton Sinclair, an American novelist who advocated socialism, is the author of the book “The Jungle.”

Canadian hockey player Guy Lafleur (Guy Lafleur), three times won the National Hockey League scoring champion and two most valuable player titles, served for his team in Montreal, five times won the Stanley Standard Championship.

Sophia Loren (Sophia Loren) Italian film actress, enjoys an international reputation, is good at dropping out of school, passionate and rustic woman, won the Oscar for Best Actress with “Beacon Mother and Daughter Tears” (1996).


The 20th card of the Great Secret Ceremony Tarot is “Trial”. This card encourages the parties to put aside material constraints and seek a higher level of life. The pattern on the face of the card is an angel with a horn, symbolizing a new day with a heavy responsibility. This card has the following characteristics of surpassing oneself and discovering infinite potential; as for the metaphor, most of the trumpets repay the good but not the sorrow, it is easy to indulge in the chase of joy, and it lacks the ability to face sorrow.

Inspirational quote

Observe the living self.


Organized, clever, and observant.


Overconfidence, emotional, and exaggerated.

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