September 24: Wanderer

September 24 Wanderer

House: Virgo 30 degrees-Libra 2 degrees

Constellation: Virgo Libra, changing earth sign

People born on September 24th are born homeless. They love to travel by nature, or they want to travel in the negotiation room. Wandering or traveling is the most real theme in their lives, but it can also be transformed into a spiritual and emotional adventure. Don’t limit the “wandering” to the superficial meaning. Reading, thinking, dreaming and traveling, etc. Various physical and psychological wanderings are enough to arouse the high interest of this group of wanderers.

Among this group of people, some were wandering in their early years, but in the future they chose to live a “congruent” stable life; some of them suddenly became prosperous in their middle age, ready to abandon the red dust and go on the road at any time. However, most people born today will never be able to settle down. Even if they think stability is what they dream of, they will continue to change new environments, new objects, and new plans again and again, and they think they have finally found something that lasts forever. However, those with self-awareness also know it well: For them, there is no such thing as true eternity. But God knows! Before long, they will start searching again.

Among people born today, the happiest is the small group of people who know how to reach a compromise on their own. These people can always establish a stable lifestyle, and then seize every opportunity for short-term travel; even if they are tied up and cannot travel, they will find ways to read, watch movies and TV, or live a colorful life. , To vent their restless emotions.

If you want to use interpersonal relationships and family to please people born today, it’s simply amazing. When they get along day and night, their “tails” are revealed: they are really lacking in interest in secular activities or ordinary people, and they always ask others to accommodate their own needs. Regarding their turbulent nature, and even the problems of open flirting and discharging, their spouses may only choose to be considerate, because these will always appear when they read and fantasize even if they escape daily life.

What people born today need to learn most is stability. They must understand: Fierce emotions and mental stimulation are always playing with fire and self-immolation. The problem is that their minds are active and they have extraordinary tastes, and it is really difficult to insist on living in a normal way! Some of them have unreliable minds and always think of infinite things; some have unexpectedly entered the field of science and technology. Although in the eyes of many people, they are simply “freaks”, but when they are careful, they can also become loyal friends. In most occasions, they can enjoy themselves while allowing others to enjoy themselves.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on September 24 will be affected by the number 6 (2 + 4 = 6) and Venus. People born today are particularly “magnetic”, easy to be loved and attracted to the arrival of love; coupled with the close relationship between Venus and social life, they often can’t help being tempted to try romantic experiences. Venus is originally the ruler of Libra, and it is no surprise that they will be affected. Love usually becomes a major focus in the lives of people who are affected by the number 6, especially for those born today.


People born today are destined to experience serious psychological distress at different stages of their lives. Therefore, it is best to receive some form of treatment or consultation as soon as possible to find assistance, gain insight into your unusual subconscious activities, and learn to overcome irritability and overactive fantasies. Although meditation is helpful, it is only suitable for short-term use. Instead of relying on drugs (absolutely stay away from alcohol), it is better to work hard to find a healthier lifestyle, and even imitate the “three migrations of steroid mothers” to change to a new environment. You can work in gardening, planting vegetables and vegetables; at the same time, changing your eating habits, not eating foods containing preservatives, and eating fresh fruits and vegetables are all ways to be healthy. As for exercise, moderation is sufficient, not excessive.


Sitting and “thinking” is not as good as starting to act, please combine with action, don’t be afraid to use your talents, and remember to stick to the end, don’t be anticlimactic. Your wandering life seems very interesting in the short term, but there are always times when you get bored, not to mention that some people may be looking forward to relying on you more.


F.Scott Fitzgerald, an American novelist, he accurately presented the zeitgeist of the 1920s (Jazz Age) in his masterpiece “A Biography of a Tycoon”, and he also wrote “Ye Weiyang” and so on.

Chinese modern dramatist Cao Yu, his masterpiece “Thunderstorm”.

Chief Justice and politician of the United States Supreme Court Marshall (John Marshall). Passed away after assisting in the creation of the judicial review publication “Liberty Bell” (Liberty Bell).

Jim Henson, an American puppet actor, once created the role of “Muppet”, and also served as a film and television director and producer.

Manfred Worner, Secretary-General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

American industrial magnate and financier Hanna (Mark A. Hanna), also chairman of the Republican camp and a U.S. senator, contributed to the modernization of the U.S. Republican organization, and was respected by political commentators.


The sixth card of the Great Secret Ceremony Tarot is “Lovers”, which symbolizes the unity of all mankind through the “love” of the union of the sexes. When the card is upright, this card expresses moral, aesthetic, and physical higher-level feelings and desires; when the card is upside down, it represents dissatisfaction, sentimentality and hesitation.

Inspirational quote

Home is always in my heart.


Unreliable, carefree, willing to give.


Easily nervous, unable to settle, and nervous.

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