September 4: Builder

September 4 Builder

House: Virgo 10°-12°

Constellation: Virgo II, changing earth sign

The most prominent talent of people born on September 4th is building, no matter which class they belong to. Regardless of their occupation, family status or social circle, basically, people born on this day are closely related to construction, organization, or arranging things so that they can move smoothly. Although many people born today have technical talents, there are better people among them who are good at planning and have a vision for the future. For example, the organization system that can manufacture goods and provide services, whether in substance or theory On the level, they are their most proud strengths. In addition, people born on September 4 are also very pragmatic. Their more extreme statement is that the real standard for measuring the quality of the way of doing things is the outcome of the event.

People born today are very good at criticizing and analyzing, and sometimes even disassemble the very familiar frame into several parts in order to explain how the system works. In addition, they often come up with some useful and practical solutions. From a negative point of view, people born today are likely to become extremely difficult criminals, because they will wait until they have a fairly thorough and complete understanding of the operating system before proceeding boldly.

People born on this day attach great importance to efficiency and hate detours. If it is to provide goods or services in the mall, they will ensure that every penny spent by the customer is worth it. For them, success and prosperity in all aspects of life are very important. They cannot regard a business that is running but losing money as a business. For them, this situation is a disaster.

Not all people born on this day will be involved in the physical structure of the building, but most people born on September 4th are more or less related to personnel and integration, gathering or improvement of labor protection things, regardless of whether they are building their own Career, prestige, or family [dynasty], generally speaking, they will proceed slowly brick by brick using tested procedures.

Everyone born on this day believes that old things must be eliminated and new things must be established. Faced with a structure with an unstable foundation, they usually don’t repair it here and there, but will uproot it and build it again. Maybe others think that no matter how bad the situation is, it’s better to keep it as it is; but for those born on September 4th, there are bad teeth, bad friends, bad marriages, bad buildings, bad ideas, and even As long as the broken car is in their hands, it will have the same fate. People born today will completely remove what they think is harmful to the entire organization, whether the organization is the human body, a family, or a company organization, this is their rather cold side.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on September 4 will be affected by the number 4 and Uranus. People affected by the number 4 are more difficult to please and arguable. This is because they see things from a different perspective than others. Indeed, this trait is clearly manifested in people born on September 4th. When they find that they have been misunderstood or rejected, they will be very sad. The rapidity and impulse represented by Uranus will be reflected in sudden changes in emotions. In addition, due to the strong influence of Mercury (the ruling planet of Virgo), the traits of condition change in people born on September 4 will be more obvious. The intersection of Mercury and Uranus will give these people the ability to understand things quickly.


People born on September 4th are almost all workaholics. They often work too hard and take on too many responsibilities, so they must know how to adjust to work pressure, otherwise they will collapse one day. It is recommended that they arrange regular vacation tours, limit the number of working hours per day, and take time to rest from time to time. People born on this day are overwhelmed by sharp criticisms of the people around them. Therefore, it is best to learn to not be too harsh in everything. It is carefully recommended that people born on September 4th should often engage in activities that make them feel relaxed and creative. For example, their interest in food and cooking will be of great help to them. Therefore, you should allow yourself to enjoy the fun of food and experimentation without worrying too much about healthy food or dieting. In addition, regular sleep is an essential element for maintaining emotional stability.


Try to apply your knowledge to things that meet ethical standards, conform to your inner desires to serve others, but don’t neglect yourself. As long as the situation permits, you can relax yourself while maintaining a fairly high work standard.


The American architect Daniel H. Burnham, the pioneer and urban planner of the Moyu Building, rebuilt the city of Chicago. The most important works include the Flat Ellen Building in New York City, the Wanamaker Store in Philadelphia and Federal Station in Washington.

Hong Kong actor Yuen Yongyi won the Best Actress Award at the Hong Kong Film Awards twice for his two films, “New Love” and “Golden Branches and Jade Leaves”.

The black American novelist Richard Wright has won a high reputation for fighting for the rights of blacks with his skilful novel skills. His main works are “The Natives” and so on.

American entrepreneur Love (George H. Love), is also the president of Chrysler.

Jesse James, a villain during the pioneering period of the western United States, partnered with his companions to rob banks, trains, stagecoaches, etc., causing restlessness in all parts of Missouri. Later, his companion shot him to death in the back.

The Austrian composer Bruckner (Anton Bruckner) has gained a high reputation for composing nine symphonies.


The fourth card of the Great Secret Ceremony Tarot is [Emperor]. His main source of power is wisdom, and he rules all things in the world. The status of the emperor is supreme, and his authority cannot be questioned. When the card is upright, it represents strong will and solid energy. When the card is upside down, it means willfulness, tyranny and cruelty.

Inspirational quote

Even rabbits sometimes twist their ankles.


Methodical, capable, and constructive.


Inflexible, overly demanding, and faultfinding.

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