September 7: Pursuing Success

September 7: Pursuing Success

House: Virgo 13°-15°

Constellation: Virgo II, changing earth sign

People who were born on September 7th have spent their entire lives in pursuit of success and can write an inspirational novel. In other words, they will suffer many difficulties and setbacks in their lives. Usually, [success] is a long road, and they face and will be very diverse and full of adventurousness. However, unless they have reached the goal they wanted to pursue at the beginning, these determined people will never give up, even if they have to pay the price of their last breath, they will never let go.

The world can’t quickly understand or imply these people, but with their willpower and groundbreaking concepts, people born on this day can eventually win everyone’s approval. However, what is puzzling is that people born on September 7 can easily climb to the highest position in their field, and even become famous when they are quite young; but once they succeed, they will lose their struggle. Target. Therefore, some people will give up everything they already have at this time, let themselves [return to zero], start from another field, and move towards another goal. Of course, this behavior will make family and friends feel quite astonished and difficult. accept.

What makes people born on September 7 linger in their hearts is not the success itself, but the process of striving to achieve their goals. They have a rushing heart so that they can follow their plans and beat competitors, rivals, or slanderers. People born today will not be pleasant enemies, because their will to annihilate their opponents is very strong and determined. Once they are determined to fight for victory or defeat, they will not have the so-called benevolence of women. But on the other hand, they are excellent allies and friends, at least for those who stand on the same front with their interests. At this time, they must be required to be loyal to certain common goals or principles.

When people born on September 7th are born in science and technology or highly specialized jobs, unless they have fully mastered the relevant elements of the field, they will never give up halfway. They will show great loyalty to their work. If they are leaders or managers, they will closely gather the goals, subordinates or staff of the group and become a unit that moves smoothly. Will not question who the real boss is or what is the goal of the job. People born today usually become the masterminds in the family. They will give children and spouses some direction or encourage them, but they will never tolerate behaviors of disobedience. However, when their children reach puberty, real problems also occur. The paradox is that although they will train their children and ask them to be independent and self-conceived, they themselves lack the skills in this area and cannot deal with the unavoidable frictions that arise.

If they can be more calm, learn to share responsibilities with others, or be more integrated into the team, they will be more successful. The more they don’t care about the gains and losses of control, the more successful they and their teams will be. People born on this day will become more mature as they get older, but some people will lose competitiveness as a result. Perhaps the most ideal life for them is to achieve the desired success in the last few years of life. However, if they feel that their dreams have been arranged, and never even understand what their dreams are, they will live in a peaceful mood instead.

Lucky numbers and rulers

People born on September 7 will be affected by the number 7 and the amount of Neptune. Neptune rules vision, dreams, and psychological phenomena, so people born today will also be affected by these unstable factors. When combined with the characteristics of Mercury (the ruling planet of Virgo), individuals tend to be functionalists. Therefore, people born on September 7 must pay attention to some unsound psychological or mysterious activities around them. Generally speaking, people affected by the number 7 prefer change and travel, which can bring excitement and satisfaction to people born on September 7.


People born on this day must check their health on time, because they can easily ignore their health problems. Generally speaking, people born on September 7 have a very keen taste for food, so if they learn cooking earlier, the benefit will be greater. Sports, for those born on this day, is not the first in the exam from time to time, but the challenge of team sports, it can find a good outlet for their physical fitness. People born on September 7 pay much attention to sensual enjoyment, so they will require a more active sex life to keep their mind and body happy.


Accept everything in you. In life, you don’t always have to hold the pinwheel, learn to make yourself happy, and then give the happy gift to others. Don’t be too demanding of yourself and the people around you. A harsh and uncompromising attitude will plant the seeds of rebellion.


Queen Elizabeth I was the British autocratic monarch in the 16th century. From the very beginning, Elizabeth I was widely loved by the people. This king of pure British royal blood and individualized civilians has made Britain the world’s most powerful country.

American rock star Buddy Holly (Buddy Holly), also a songwriter, is a legend in rock music, and died in an airplane accident.

Cardiologist Michael DeBakey transplanted an artificial heart into the body for the first time to help the blood advance.

American golf star Louise Suggs (Louise Suggs).  

Sonny Rollins, American jazz tenor saxophone player, is also a composer and orchestra conductor. He plays the role of instructor in the modern jazz world and has a great influence on the younger generations. He is most adept at improvising large scenes based on pop jazz.

The American stage and film director Elia Kazan has won two Oscars and many theater awards.


The seventh card of the Great Mystery Tarot is [Chariot]. The winner on the card shows his great achievements in the world with a strong and powerful posture. This card can be explained as: No matter how difficult the right path is, you have to keep going. When the card is upright, it means success, talent and efficiency. When Peak jumps upside-down, it implies an autocratic attitude and a sense of awkwardness.

Inspirational quote

Everything happens twice.


Diligent, goal-oriented, and determined.


Too competitive, insensitive, and intolerant.

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