Why fengshui is important?

The word fengshui has been getting more and more popular in recent years. However, what is fengshui in general?

What is fengshui?

Simply put, Feng Shui is the study of space and time. There are five kinds of “qi” in space and time: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. The changes of these “qi” have magical predictability, just like the current weather forecast. Ancient Chinese used this predictability to calculate what would happen in the future or what had happened in the past.

The study of fengshui can be passed down for thousands of years must have its reason—the so-called “first fate, second luck and third feng shui” in ancient China. Fate is innate, luck is acquired, and feng shui is attached. It is necessary to make some changes in life, and feng shui has a particular effect.


In real life, we often feel that Feng Shui is very mysterious, and it is challenging to master and apply this vague knowledge. Feng Shui is neither magical metaphysics nor superstition. It is a culmination of psychology, management, physics, philosophy, and other disciplines. Its essence is to let us and the environment we live in achieve the best state of integration. We can interact with the environment to obtain the kinetic energy of progress, support each other in harmony, and move forward.

Simple example

if you are on a bus and find that there are still a few empty seats on the bus, you will instinctively choose a seat according to your preferences. You pick the open seat in the back because it’s by the window, and you like the seat by the window, and it makes you feel good. Or you can lean on the vacant seat in the middle door because you only need to get off after one stop, and that make life easier. Maybe you choose the vacant seat at the front. It is not near the window, and it is not convenient to get off the car, but it has a wide field of vision. At this time, you are inadvertently using Feng Shui to dispose of space.

Everyone who has taken a bus has had such an experience. Under normal circumstances, women will mostly choose to sit with women on the bus. This is also out of psychological vigilance, and definitely at the same time the use of Feng Shui.

The better life it brings

With a good environment and atmosphere, we can live happily, work happily, enjoy easily, communicate with people happily, take the initiative to help others, and accept help from others. This is the “qi” in our environment, and it is healthy and beneficial. A place with fresh air, beautiful mountains, broad vision, the surrounding air flows harmoniously, brings us a good mood, and adds full of vitality to our body.

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